What is our goal? To stop the yo-yo dieting madness.

How does it work? It has never been so simple: with vitelements, the vital-substances bar. Low in calories, satisfying and nutritious! Dr Marc Weitl, the Managing Director of vitelements, had aimed high with this ambitious goal. And why not? The doctor of sports medicine ultimately had the same goal in mind when he founded cardioscan 15 years ago. cardioscan is a medical check-up programme designated for use in gyms and fitness studios, and which now motivates millions of people worldwide to keep fit.

Choc Bar

The sweet and low carb solution for in between.

vitelements Bar

For everyone who wants to lose some or hold his weight.

Protein Sticks

The perfect addition to the vital substance bar.

The metabolic treatment

Whats inside?

In order to provide you with all the important nutrients, we have chosen only the best ingredients in the production of the vitelements vital substance bar.

“Quite honestly: I will not leave the house without vitelements.”

Charlotte Karlinder,
a medical journalist and health expert

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